Drink this tea to get relief from cough, cold and sore throat.

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Drinking Tulsi tea is very beneficial. Talking about nutrients, basil is rich in nutrients like isotine and sorbitol, manganese. Come, know the benefits of Tulsi tea

Not only does Tulsi have religious significance, but Tulsi is also very beneficial for health. Especially in the initial cold, many people get cold, cold and sore throat. In such a situation, drinking Tulsi tea is very beneficial. Talking about nutrients, basil contains isotine and sorbitol, manganese, folate, etc., which improve your digestion system. If you drink Tulsi tea during cold days, then to get more of its properties, you should take care of some things. Come let’s know-

Do not sharpen tea leaves
If you want the full benefits of Tulsi tea, then at least add tea leaves while making tea, otherwise the effect of Tulsi will not be much. Instead, add 6-7 basil leaves.

use of jaggery
If you want to increase the benefits of Tulsi tea, then use jaggery instead of sugar. Jaggery tea is very beneficial in cold days.

also add black pepper
If you have more problem of cough, cold or throat, then you can also put two black peppers in Tulsi tea. This will also enhance its taste and will also give relief to the stuffy nose.

Use basil without grinding
Many people grind it well while making tulsi tea when you don’t need to. If you put basil leaves in boiling water, then only the effect of basil will come in the tea.

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