Due to pain in these 3 places, high cholesterol is due to fat deposited in the veins.

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Tezzbuzz, New Delhi: When bad cholesterol accumulates in the body, its symptoms do not appear easily, but when they do come, it is on the danger mark. Therefore, after recognizing these signs, treatment should be started immediately. Diet, exercise and medicines are helpful in controlling it.

Due to poor lifestyle and lack of physical activity, the accumulation of fat starts in the body along with the veins. This further causes high cholesterol and it increases the risk of other diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, coronary artery disease, triple vessel disease diseases.

How much cholesterol should be in the blood?
According to the set standards, healthy adults should have cholesterol up to 200 mg / dL, if this level reaches beyond 240 mg / dl, then understand that the risk is high and you need to make changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

There is severe pain in these parts of the body
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) impairs the flow of blood in the body. If severe pain persists in your thighs, hips and legs, then these may be signs of high cholesterol. If this happens, you should get your cholesterol checked immediately.

Do you have peripheral artery disease?
If the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases, then the risk of peripheral artery disease increases. This damages the arteries and the arteries start to shrink and the blood is not able to reach every part of the body properly.

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