Election battle begins in Gujarat: Voting on December 1 and 5; Result will come on 8th; Read full details


Gujarat Election Schedule: The wait for Gujarat assembly election dates is now over. The Election Commission has announced the Gujarat election dates on Thursday. The first phase of voting will be held on December 1 and the second phase of voting will be held on December 5. After this, the election results will be out on December 8. Himachal Pradesh election results are also available. are to be announced on the same day, where voting is to be held in a single round on November 12. Elections in Gujarat have been held in December since 2007 and there is a tradition of voting in two rounds. The last date for withdrawal of nomination is 17 November.

The Chief Election Commissioner said that the term of the Gujarat Assembly is ending on February 18, with about 100 days remaining. The electoral roll has been published in the state on October 10, 2022. This time, 4.9 crore voters will vote in the Gujarat elections. He said that Youth who will turn 18 by October 1, 2022 are also being given an opportunity to vote. A total of 4.6 lakh voters will exercise their right to vote for the first time. A total of 51,782 polling centers will be set up in the state. Drinking water facility at polling stations. There will also be a waiting area for the comfort of the elderly.

Elderly and disabled people will be able to vote at home, this facility will be available

142 model polling booths will be set up in the state to improve voter experience. Apart from this, there will be 1,274 polling booths where only women staff and security personnel will be deployed. Every district will have some booths where very young poll workers will be deployed. Youth will be encouraged to vote. We have taken this decision to do this. There will also be a total of 182 special polling stations in the state for differently-abled people. At the same time, a polling station will be one where there will be only one voter, but a team of 15 employees will also go for their vote.80 Senior citizens above 12 years of age and people with more than 40 percent disability will get the facility of voting through ballot paper at home. For this they will have to fill Form 12D.

Candidates with criminal background have to provide their details

There are approximately 9.80 lakh voters in Gujarat who are above 80 years of age. Voters can lodge a complaint on C-Vigil app if they use money power or muscle power. The Election Commission will respond to the complaint within 100 minutes. If a candidate has a criminal background , the parties have to explain why they prefer the candidate. Apart from this, the candidate has to publish information about himself in regional and national level media.

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