Electricity department has made a new rule to collect security money, now the amount will be added to the bill every month – ..

electricity bill: The Additional Security Deposit (ASD) taken from consumers will be recovered in monthly installments. Earlier it was recovered in lump sum in a year.

This security deposit amount is decided on the basis of the consumer’s annual electricity consumption. The energy corporation has started collecting it in installments from the April bill. However, there is still confusion among the common consumers regarding this.

In Uttarakhand, electricity rates have been increased by 6.92 percent from this month. Consumers and opposition political parties are continuously protesting against this. Meanwhile, the consumers are getting restless due to the addition of additional security deposit in the April bills. Actually, earlier ASD was taken only once a year.

Notices were sent to those who did not deposit the security amount

Notices were also sent by the Energy Corporation to those who did not deposit the security money, but due to the huge amount, it was not possible for the common consumer to make a lump sum payment at the end of the financial year and the Energy Corporation had to work hard to collect the huge amount.

Now from the beginning of the financial year 2024-25, the system of collecting the security deposit in installments has been started, which will be added to the monthly bill every month.

This deposited amount remains with the energy corporation as security deposit.

Executive Engineer of Central Zone Gaurav Saklani said that the security deposit amount is decided on the basis of the consumer’s electricity consumption. If the consumer does not pay the electricity bill, then some money is already deposited with the Energy Corporation as security deposit.

On disconnection of the connection, the entire security amount is refunded to the consumers. Along with this, interest is also charged on it. Those whose bills are less than the security amount already deposited, their bills are reduced by adding the deposited amount.

How to Understand Additional Security Deposit

While taking a new connection, neither the consumer nor the energy corporation has any information about the annual electricity consumption on the connection. In such a situation, it is common for questions to arise on the security amount to be deposited while taking the connection.

If the consumer consumes more electricity than the security deposit, then additional security deposit is demanded from him. The bills of those consumers whose electricity consumption is less than the security deposit are sent with reduced amount.

The cycle lasts 30 days

The cycle of electricity bill is of 30 days, while it takes two to seven days to prepare it and deliver it to the consumers. Consumers are given seven to 15 days to pay the bill. In such a situation, the consumer has already consumed electricity for 45 days. In such a situation, ASD is also charged on excess electricity consumption.

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