Engineers are adopting this painful method to increase the height of 2-6 inches

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In a recent report, it has been revealed that the IT employees of Google, Meta, Amazon, who are troubled by low height, are spending lakhs of rupees to increase the height. It has been told in the report that these people are spending from $ 70 thousand to $ 150,000 to increase the height. In such a situation, let us know how this surgery is done.

Height adds to the personality of any person. Often due to low height, there is a lack of confidence in people. People adopt various methods to increase height and look taller. At the same time, women resort to heels to look tall. Recently such a report has come out, knowing about which you will also be surprised. A strange trend is being seen among IT employees to increase the height.

Recently, a Las Vegas surgeon has revealed that IT employees of famous companies Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta are spending lakhs of rupees to increase the height by just three inches. No information has been found about how much interest is there in people on the basis of gender. This craze among people about long height is not often talked about.

The report also added that the entire process of increasing height costs anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000, depending on how many inches a person wants to increase their height, for example. 3,4,5 or 6 inches. Debiparshad told that many of his clients are male but he has also treated many female clients.

So, how does this work?

The height of any person depends on the length of his feet. In this process of artificially increasing height, metal nails are inserted in the person’s thigh bone which is also called thigh bone or femur.
The real technique behind increasing the length is that metal nails are stretched little by little every day for three months. This entire process is done through magnetic remote control. According to experts, it takes a few months for the bones to lengthen. At the same time, it takes a few days for the foot to recover after this surgery. The doctor told that during the corona epidemic, this business of his got a lot of momentum.

Confidence is less than short height
Lack of self-esteem is found in people with low height. At the same time, people with low height feel that their point of view is not given the attention that is given to people with tall height. Along with this, the status of people with short height is considered very low in the society and they are considered less attractive. The social acceptance of tall and fair people or tall and dark people greatly affects people of short stature.

Men often have to face more embarrassment than women due to short height. The image of men in the society remains as a macho man and some standards have been set in the society regarding their height. In such a situation, men who do not fit in this set standard, they do not get the respect that they deserve in the society.

Is it right to challenge science?
The height of a normal person increases till the age of 20 to 25 years. When the growth of the growth plates located in the bones stops, then the height of the person also stops growing. Sometimes due to some medical reasons, the height of people increases even after the age of 25 while the height of some people stops growing only after 18 years. Although this happens in very rare cases.

It is important for any person that instead of focusing on his height, think about the strength of his spine. It is important for children and adults to emphasize on strengthening their spinal cord. You can increase your height by including some yoga asanas in the routine.

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