Even after becoming President of America, he used to feel afraid of his wife, had scuffled many times.

A Brahmin Lincoln became the 16th President of the US on 6 November 1860. Abraham Lincoln, who leads a simple life while being honest to work, is counted among America’s most successful presidents. Abraham Lincoln used to come from a very poor background, but even after that it was a big thing to be the President of a country like America. The world knows about Abraham Lincoln, he was a very honest and simple person, but very few people know about his wife, she was greedy, selfish and very quarrelsome. Writers writing biographies of the US president have also claimed that Abraham Lincoln’s married life was full of strife and she used to scramble with him.

Abraham Lincoln’s wife was named Mary Tad, Lincoln did not want to marry Mary but Mary was pressuring him to marry her. In the end, Lincoln had to marry Mary, despite not wanting Lincoln to be exactly the same. Lincoln knew that if he married Mary, he would not succeed.

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He was elected to the presidency in 1860 when the newly formed Republican Party in Chicago was unlikely. At that time, the southern part of America was ablaze with slavery. During this time people were being influenced by Lincoln’s speech. The public started liking him and he won the election and became the President of America. After this, on 1 January 1963, Abraham Lincoln signed the law against slavery.

Abraham Lincoln’s life was an example of simplicity, humanity, patience and integrity. But the more respect Lincoln received, the more slander his wife was. After his death, he demanded more money for himself. On the way to Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mary also took away many valuables from there. Mary was remembered as the most greedy and self-styled wife of presidents.

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