Even when the lock is open, no one will be able to use your mobile, do this special setting


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Special Setting : Nowadays smartphones come with many features, but many of these features are such, which we are not aware of. Some of these features are such, which are already present in our mobile. However these features can be of great use for you. Today we are going to tell you about such a feature that your phone will not run without your will, even if its lock is open. Even if the lock of your phone is unlocked, no one will be able to see any of your things or data in it unless you want to. You will be able to do this only in Android based smartphones.

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Nowadays, people keep their personal and important data in mobile. In such a situation, most people keep passwords in their mobiles. The phone will not open until you enter the password, but if you have opened the phone and at that time, it can be seen by someone else, then they can see the data stored in your phone. To avoid this, you can lock / pin screen lock to any one app. In such a situation, the phone will ask for the password to go to another app. It is often seen that people start peeping in other apps as soon as the phone comes in hand. You can avoid this with the help of this feature.

To enable this feature in your phone, you must first go to your smartphone settings. After this, you will get the Security & Locations option there. When you open it, you will see the option of Advanced there. In this advanced option, you will see the option of Screen Pinning. You have to tap on that option and turn it on. After this, open any app you want to pin or lock. Or you can go to the recent Apps option and long press the app you want to pill and select Pin option. To go to another app, you have to press the Home and Back buttons simultaneously and use the lockscreen password.

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