Every leela of Lord Shri Krishna fascinates the devotees


Lord Krishna is the most attractive God in the tradition of Bhakti. In the form of Yogeshwar, he gives the philosophy of life, then in the form of a child, his pastimes entice the hearts of the devotees. Today everyone from east to west is full of devotion to Kanha. The Mahamantra of Shri Krishna, which became famous during the Bhakti movement of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, has been continuously resonating in the country and the world since then. You can also start chanting Murli Manohar Shri Krishna’s mantra to get his blessings.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram
Ram Ram Hare Hare…

This mantra, which became famous during the Bhakti movement of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the 15th century, is called Mahamantra by Vaishnavas. According to Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, this Mahamantra should be chanted in the same way as a baby cries to attract the attention of its mother.

O Lord Sri Govinda
Any seeker who chants this Dwadshakshar (12) mantra of Lord Krishna, gets happiness, prosperity and good luck. This proves to be a panacea for the people who have the desire to get married in love.

Krim Krishnaaya Namah:
This holy mantra has been told by Lord Krishna himself. Chanting this removes all the obstacles related to life and brings happiness and prosperity in the family.

I take refuge in Sri Krishna.
This is a very simple and effective mantra of Lord Krishna to overcome the calamity in life. By chanting this Mahamantra, Lord Krishna rushes to help in exactly the same way as he helped Draupadi.
In the beginning Devakī, O Lord, gave birth to a child, and Gopi grew up in the house.
Worship Maya in the exits removing suffering and holding wealth like a cow.
The cutting off of Kansa, the killing of the Kauravas, and the trapping of Kunti.
This Srimad Bhagavatam Purana is the nectar of the pastimes of Krishna described.
Acyuta Kesava Rama Narayana Krishna Damodara Vasudeva Hare.
I worship Sridhara Madhava the beloved of the gopikas Janaki the hero Ramachandra.
By chanting this mantra of faith and faith, not only does one get relief from all troubles, but all wishes are fulfilled. This great mantra proves to be very effective in increasing happiness, prosperity and auspiciousness.
Her lips were sweet, her face sweet, her eyes sweet, her smile sweet.
The heart is sweet, the movement is sweet, and everything is sweet to the sweet lord. 1 ।।
His words are sweet his character is sweet his clothes are sweet his curls are sweet
Moving sweetly whirling sweetly sweetly sweet to the master of sweetness all sweet. 2 ।।
The flute is sweet the dust is sweet the hands are sweet the feet are sweet
The dance is sweet, the friendship is sweet, and everything is sweet to the sweet king. 3 ।।
The song is sweet, the drink is sweet, the food is sweet, the sleep is sweet.
The beauty is sweet, the tilaka is sweet, and the whole of the sweet lord is sweet. 4 ।।
It’s sweet to do, it’s sweet to swim, it’s sweet to take away, it’s sweet to enjoy, it’s sweet.
Vomited, sweet, calmed, sweet, sweet, all sweet to the lord of sweets. 5 ।।
Gunja is sweet, garland is sweet, Yamuna is sweet, Vichi is sweet.
The water is sweet, the lotus is sweet, and everything is sweet to the lord of sweetness. 6 ।।
Gopī is sweet, playful, sweet, right, sweet, free, sweet.
I have seen sweetness leftover sweetness sweetness all sweetness of the king of sweetness 7 ।।
The cowherd men are sweet, the cows are sweet, the stick is sweet, and the creation is sweet.
The ground is sweet, the fruit is sweet, and everything is sweet to the king of sweets. 8 ।।
There are many mantras to praise Kanhaiya, but this mantra shows his sweet image. In the praise of this mantra, a very charming image of Kanha emerges. At the same time, there is also the awareness of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna being omnipresent and the maintainer of the world.


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