Excessive abdominal pain during menstruation can be due to uterine disease, make lifestyle changes to solve the problem

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Excessive abdominal pain during menstruation, excessive bleeding, menstruation after the scheduled period or foul-smelling vaginal discharge, bleeding after intercourse can be a sign of a serious illness. At present, many people are suffering from various diseases related to the uterus. Many people are currently struggling with problems like uterine cancer, enlarged uterus, cysts, tumors. To overcome this kind of problem, first consult a doctor. If you want to be healthy then make some changes in your lifestyle. See what you can do to improve uterine health.

First, reduce your caffeine intake. Consuming caffeine can cause problems like miscarriage, birth complications. This increases estrogen production. So consume as little caffeine as possible.

Never obstruct a bladder or bowel movement. Toxic substances accumulate in this place. Due to which there is pressure on the uterus. So follow these special tips.

Also stop smoking and drinking alcohol. This has a bad effect on the uterus. Follow these special tips. To stay healthy, it is necessary to leave these two bad habits.

Also include nuts and seeds in your diet. Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Which protects against uterine cancer. it cholesterol levels control does. Follow this special trick.

Eat vegetables everyday. It contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. boiled regularly vegetables Eating reduces the level of estrogen in the uterus. The chances of having a tumor in the uterus are also reduced.

You can eat oats, millet, brown rice and wheat bread. This type of food contains a sufficient amount of fiber. Which prevents fibroid tumors. Removes excess estrogen from the body. Follow these special tips. Foods to include in your diet to keep your uterus healthy.

You can also eat dairy products. Include curd, milk, buttermilk in the diet. They absorb calcium and prevent fibroid tumors. Strengthens bones. Follow these special tips.

Do regular exercise with riding a bike this will keep the blood circulation in the body. Similarly, the muscles of the uterus will also be strong. to stay healthy Follow these special tips. By following all these rules properly, the body will remain healthy.

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