Exclusive: ‘Millions of Indians have taken citizenship of Kailasa, I am innocent… Nithyananda answers all the allega


“Kailaasa” has been making headlines around the world for the past few days. Fugitive Nityananda is constantly trying to prove himself innocent. In the past, the representation of Kailasa surprised everyone by reaching the United Nations. In the past, TV9 had revealed how this virtual world of Nithyananda is cheating people in the name of Hindu Rashtra.

Nityananda declared Kailasa as the first Hindu nation, after which there is a lot of anger among the saints of India, they say that the rape accused Nityananda is using Sanatan. TV9 contacted Nithyananda directly and asked him sharp questions. Nityananda answered all the questions. In this way TV9 became the first channel to reach Nithyananda. In a reply given to TV9, Nithyananda has claimed that many people of India have taken the citizenship of Kailasa.

Nithyananda told himself innocent in response to TV9’s questions

In response to TV9’s questions, Nithyananda declared himself innocent. The answer came from Nityananda that he is innocent and all the allegations are false and he is not a fugitive. Proving himself innocent, he also mentioned the case of America and said that there was also a fake case against him, but the court ruled in his favor.

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compared himself to the Dalai Lama

During this, he compared himself to the Dalai Lama and said that as he propagates Buddhism, similarly Nityananda is propagating the culture of Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma. He said that despite facing constant harassment for more than a decade, he is engaged in propagating Hinduism and will not back down from it. During this, Nityananda claimed that he is helping all the people and is working to eradicate poverty.

Denied the news of missing two daughters of Gujarat

When TV9 asked about the 2 daughters of Gujarat who are missing, he denied this. However, during a conversation with TV 9, Janardhan of Gujarat told that his two daughters are with Nithyananda and he is fighting a case to bring them back. The girls’ father Janardan Sharma had filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court claiming that his daughters were abducted and held hostage for more than two weeks. His elder daughters Lopamudra (21) and Nandita Sharma (18) are still in Nithyananda’s custody.

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Nityananda claims on TV9, millions of Indians have taken citizenship of Kailasa

The post shared from Kailasa’s account states that if you follow Hinduism and want to join Hindu ideology, you can take e-citizenship of Kailasa. This citizenship is being given for free. In a reply given to TV9, Nithyananda has claimed that many people of India have taken the citizenship of Kailasa.

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