exercise sparingly


Now awareness has increased among people regarding exercise. People have started to understand that exercise is necessary to stay fit. It is also important to know how much and at what intensity to exercise. It is true that exercise benefits the body, some less and some more, but exercise done intensely can harm the body along with benefits. Women who exercise by going to the gym, they exercise excessively. Exercising more than the capacity can sometimes affect the process of conception and menstrual cycle, due to which women have to face many problems. Menstruation is a natural process that is controlled by hormones. Excessive exercise brings difference in the process of production of hormones made in the body, due to which menstruation worsens.

Not exercising at all also has an effect: –
Women who do not exercise at all can also have menstrual irregularities. In those days they may have to bear more pain. Regular controlled exercise keeps the body fit. Women who are obese may also have menstrual irregularities.

Do average exercise: –
Women who do light exercise regularly have fewer menstrual problems. They also get regular menstruation and the pain is also less. If stretching and cardio exercises are done during menstruation, the process of menstruation becomes easier. Back pain, menstrual pain and nervousness are also reduced by Yogasana.

Do not over exercise:-
Due to excessive exercise, the level of hormones decreases or increases unnaturally, which can lead to irregular menstruation. Regular menstruation is considered a sign of a healthy body because their reproductive process is linked to menstruation. Women who exercise intensely beyond their capacity and also reduce calorie intake, their menstruation stops before age. Not only doing more intense exercise, this problem can also occur in women who play many other sports and also in women who remain excessively thin, because of which the body’s energy is reduced. According to the researchers, exercise only to a limit and take a balanced diet along with it.

What to do:-
If you are also suffering from these problems, then immediately meet a gynecologist and start proper treatment. In such a situation, the level of estrogen hormone in the body can fall. This can also lead to bone diseases and the onset of osteoporosis as the bones start losing calcium. Do not delay, the problem may not increase.

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