Expensive notes in the world , 212 rupees note? See many more


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Do not assume that the most expensive notes are issued in US dollars. Today, we will give you information about five such notes of the world, which cost much more than the dollar. Lets start

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5. Gibraltar Pound

Expensive notes

The Gibraltar Pound is a small country on the border of Spain’s southeastern Spain, which still today accepts British sovereignty. The currency here is the Gibraltar Pound. The value of a Gibraltar pound note is about 87 rupees 724 paise.

4.Jordan Dinar

expensive notes


The Jordan Dinar is the fourth most expensive note in the world. In today’s price, the value of one Jordan Dinar note is 101 rupees 82 paise.

3. Omani rials

Expensive notes

The Omani Riyal is the third most expensive currency in the world. The price of an Omani riyal is about 187 rupees 67 paise.

2. Bahrain Dinar

Expensive notes

Bahraini dinars are currently the world’s second most valuable note. To buy a Bahraini dinar note at today’s rate, you will have to pay 191 rupees 73 paise.

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

Expensive notes

Kuwaiti dinar of Kuwait is the currency whose notes are most valuable. At this time you will get a single Kuwaiti dinar note for only 212 rupees 6 paise.



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