Facebook India Vice President said – To stop fake news 10 million posts are being removed everyday


Facebook India Vice President and Managing Director (MD) Ajit Mohan said that Facebook is removing one million (1 million) fake posts every day to prevent fake news. Along with this, he said that the company is training politicians and their employees to help increase cyber security and awareness to keep their accounts secure.

Ajit Mohan said, while talking about investment in India, said that India is the only country where he has invested in small numbers to promote digital innovation. Facebook India was recently embroiled in controversies, where allegations of bias were made.

On this issue, Ajit Mohan said that there are three parts to our strategy to stop misinformation on Facebook. First, we now deactivate more than one million fake accounts every day. Second, we also reduce the distribution of other spam. Thirdly, we inform people by giving them more context so that people can decide by themselves what to read, who to trust and share. At the same time, when a post is deemed to be false through fact-checkers, we apply the warning label on top of the content along with the research of the fact-checkers.


Voter suppression policy

Ajit Mohan said that we have created a training process for policy makers, politicians and employees to help them increase their cyber security and awareness to keep their accounts safe. At the same time, we have also introduced a voter suppression policy among Corona, which prevents election-related and voter fraud.

He said that India has the second largest number of factory checkers after the US. We currently work with eight partners including India Today Group. Indeed, Facebook’s fact-checking program uses a combination of technology and human review to detect and remove false news.


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