False Facts About Werewolves that you thought were true , they exists or not ?


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1) Werewolves and Lycans are the same thing

There are so many people who say this , but it is indeed incorrect. Werewolves and Lycans have many differences. For instance, Lycans can control their shifting, werewolves on the other hand shift unwillingly on the full moon. Lycan isn’t part of the sun or moon curse, but werewolves are.

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False Facts About Werewolves that you thought were true

2) Werewolves will kill everyone and anything in their path


This is not true. Werewolves may be like this in the first few transformation due to hunger and being without experience before, but within short time their mind will become bit less senseless and like a normal wolf, only attacked if provoked by a human. They will more likely go for the easier prey, like rabbits, deer, mice, etc.

3) A Werewolf bite will kill a Vampire

As most of us know, Werewolves and Vampires were used to be enemies. And it was said that a werewolf bite was extremely venomous to a Vampire, but it isn’t. A bite may injure a Vampire, and take a bit longer to heal, or they might fall ill for a bit, but it isn’t enough to kill them.

False Facts About Werewolves that you thought were true

4) Werewolves turn into giant beasts

It is completely false. Lycans are the one who turn into the half man- half beast wolf thing and all the shows usually calls them a werewolf.

5) Silver is the only thing that can kill a Werewolf

Sadly, Werewolves can die by more ways than just by silver no matter what the movies and shows usually say. For example, They are not immortal, they can pass from old age.


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