Faridabad: Country’s money going into the pockets of people like Ambani-Adani: Omprakash Chautala


Faridabad . INLD supremo and former Chief Minister Omprakash Chautala said that today the people of Haryana have made up their mind for change. The public will definitely teach a lesson to this dictatorial government in the elections to be held next year. INLD is the only solid and strong option today. Mr. Chautala was meeting supporters during the Parivartan Padyatra on Friday.

Describing the present government as a government of jumlas, Omprakash Chautala said that today the development work has remained disrupted. The situation in the state has become worrying. People are not getting basic facilities. There are no doctors and medicines in the hospitals. INLD supremo said that not even a new brick was laid in the name of development. There is no master in the schools. Hate is being spread and people are being looted in its guise. Taxes are being imposed on taxes. The country’s money is going into the pockets of a handful of people like Ambani-Adani.

INLD supremo said that the roads which were built during our rule, have become bad. The elderly are having to suffer for pension. If anyone can do good to the people, it is the Indian National Lok Dal party only.

Omprakash Chautala said that we do not have enmity with anyone, we do not oppose anyone, nor do we have any political interest. We are four. To make Devi Lal’s dreams come true, he is fighting for the welfare of the people. Village-to-village Parivartan Yatras are being taken out to connect people. He said that we have done good work in the past, will do more good work in the future. The pension of the elderly has been cut by the negligent government, when the INLD government comes, the money of the deducted pension of the elderly will be given along with interest.

Separate pension arrangements will be made for the respect of women. Children will be given free education, no fees will be charged for studies, nor will there be any cost of books. Free treatment will be given to the child studying if he falls ill. The youth will be given a good position according to their merit. He said that during the INLD regime, he himself used to go among the people and solve their problems on the spot. Today this government is not listening to the people. The elected public representatives are forced to agitate for their demands. Farmers, traders, employees, laborers all classes are disappointed with this government. The debt on the state is continuously increasing.

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