Farmers are getting Rs 250 to 850 per quintal less mustard than MSP, which is loot of the farmer – Vedprakash Vidrohi


March 13, 2023

Vedprakash Vidrohi, president of NGO Grameen Bharat and spokesperson of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, demanded that as per the claim of Agriculture Minister JP Dalal, the government should start government procurement of mustard in various mandis of Haryana at the rate of Rs.5450 per quintal from March 15. Vidrohi said that the arrival of mustard has started in the mandis and farmer’s mustard is being bought in the mandis at the rate of Rs.4600 to 5200 per quintal while the minimum support price of mustard is Rs.5450 per quintal. like this this time The farmer is getting Rs 250 to 850 less per quintal of mustard than the MSP, which is loot of the farmer. In view of the looting of farmers, Agriculture Minister JP Dalal had claimed in a program that procurement of Mustard on MSP in Haryana would start from March 15 instead of March 28. The Agriculture Minister has made such a claim in the media by making a brave statement, but there is not even a whisper of government procurement of mustard from March 15 in any mandi on the ground in the whole of Haryana.

Vidrohi said that officials in various mandis are preparing for government procurement of mustard at MSP from March 28, the earlier announced date of the government. Due to the change in the weather, mustard harvesting has started earlier and the way the heat is increasing during the day due to the change in the weather, it seems that by March 20, almost the entire mustard crop would have been harvested in the state. The financial condition of the debt-ridden farmer is very thin, so he needs money for his expenses, due to which the farmer is forced to sell the mustard in the mandis as soon as he removes it from the fields. But the farmer’s mustard is being looted in the mandis at a price less than the MSP of Rs 250 to 850 per quintal. The rebel said that the BJP Khattar government should unify its words and actions by putting on the ground the Agriculture Minister’s claim of starting government procurement of mustard from March 15 to save farmers from looting mustard in the mandis.

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