Farmers will get Rs 15 lakh from this scheme of the government, take advantage like this!


The central government is running many schemes to make the farmers self-reliant. Where we talk about the economy in India, every year more GDP comes out of agriculture than all other sectors. At the same time, the BJP government is currently giving assistance of up to 15 lakhs to the farmers for their own business. Under this scheme, if the farmer of the country is thinking of doing any business, then he can complete the business with the help of this scheme.

Regarding this, the Central Government is running the PM Kisan FPO Scheme (FPO) scheme in the interest of the farmers, in which a group of 11 farmers can gather and start their own business with this amount. But for this there should be a group of at least 11 people.

Farmers became self-sufficient

Many a times, when the weather hits the ripe crop of the farmers, it is not known. That’s why the government is introducing the PM Kisan FPO scheme to help the farmers. Regarding this, the condition of having 11 farmers has been imposed by the government, after which it is necessary to form a company or organization together.

Take advantage of this plan

If any farmer is thinking about opening a company, then he has to visit the official website. After this the page of FPO option will open, where by clicking on it a new page will open with registration or login. After opening it, you can take advantage of this scheme by giving all the information here.

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