Fast Tag, Fact Check: Can anyone withdraw money by scanning the fast tag?

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Viral Message: If you have a car then this news is important for you. It has been claimed that the FASTag on your car is not secure. As it was being claimed that anyone can down your account with that FASTag, we started verifying it. Is there really any truth to this claim? Let’s see what truth came out during the fact check. (Fact check viral Polkhol car fast tag cash cut, know what is true and what is false)

It is being claimed that anyone can easily withdraw money from the FASTag on your car. It is being claimed that money can be withdrawn by scanning the FASTag from the smartphone. One such video is also going viral. See in this video. A boy is cleaning the window of the car. A smart watch is visible in his hand. While cleaning the glass, he put this smartwatch on the fastag. He then tries to run away without taking the money for his work. The driver calls her back.

At this time, fear is clearly visible on the child’s face. The driver then asks him about the smartwatch on his wrist. Then this boy runs away. The driver said it was a scam. But, can such a smartwatch scan the FASTag and steal money? We started verifying this. Information was taken from the expert. See what information he had given at that time.

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It is not possible to withdraw money by scanning FASTag from Smartwatch. No one can withdraw money from FASTag. The company claims that Fastag is secure. Such videos are made viral to mislead people so do not forward such messages without verifying the veracity. In our verification, the claim that the smartwatch can be used to withdraw money by scanning the FASTag turned out to be false.

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