Fasting can cause constipation! If you are fasting for Navratri then these tips will help you

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Navratri 2022: Sharad Navratri is starting from 26th September and will end on 4th October. Navratri festival is considered to have special significance in Hinduism. During the nine days of Navratri, the devotees of Maa Durga keep fast. Although fasting is considered very beneficial for the body, but due to a little carelessness, fasting can also cause some problems in our body. Many people complain of acidity due to fasting along with constipation.

Constipation is mainly due to not getting enough fiber in the body due to acid build up and fasting in the body. Apart from this, eating too much together, consuming more caffeinated substances and staying up late at night can also cause these problems.

Keep these things in mind during Navratri fast

keep body hydrated

Worship of the mother is considered to be of great importance in Navratri. By keeping the body hydrated, there will be no complaints of constipation and any kind of stomach related problem will be avoided.

work out

Heavy exercise should be avoided during fasting. However, light workouts can be done to keep the body fit. This increases blood circulation in the lower abdomen, which improves bowel movements. For this, you can choose exercises like walking, running and yoga.

fiber rich foods

During fasting, people often eat foods that have very little fiber content. It also becomes a major cause of acid formation in the body and complaints of constipation. In such a situation, fiber-rich foods such as nuts, fruits, sago and oats can always be consumed during fasting.

There should be a proper gap between meals

Most of the people eat fruits in one go during the fast. At the same time, many people also eat a one-time meal with fruits. In such a situation, keep in mind that if you have kept a fast, then avoid eating too much in one go. In such a situation, keep eating fruits and snacks at regular intervals.


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