Fear of knife! First stole a watch worth 7 crores, then scared so much that the pregnant woman was forced to sell the house. M


Horror Robbery: In November 2021, at the house of famous cyclist Mark Cavendish, some miscreants looted a watch worth 7 crores at knifepoint and scared him and his wife so much that they were forced to sell their house. Were.

Pregnant forced to sell house due to fear of thieves

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Horror Robbery: Nowadays the courage of thieves and miscreants has become very high. There is no fear of the police in them. They rob anyone in broad daylight. Leave the common man, even the richest people are not safe now. Despite the security, thieves do not know how to enter their house and then loot all the valuables by intimidation. Mark Cavendish, a wealthy cyclist (Mark CavendishSomething similar happened with ) too, whose story now remains a topic of discussion. The most interesting thing about this case is that the thieves had threatened Mark’s wife at knife point so much that she was forced to sell the house she had just built.

The whole matter is that one day Essex (EssexThieves broke into Mark’s house located at ) and badly attacked him as well as his wife and child. That was the day of November 2021. According to The Sun’s report, 37-year-old Olympic silver medalist Mark Cavendish had earlier told that the masked miscreants had taken a ‘Rambo style’ knife, on the basis of which they tried to intimidate him. Mark’s wife was pregnant at that time.

7 crore watch looted

According to Mark Cavendish, there was blood inside the thieves. They first beat Mark badly, dragged him and then put a knife on his throat and asked him to tell where is the watch? After this, the thieves stole two expensive watches of Mark, which cost 7 lakh pounds i.e. about 7 crore rupees. Apart from this, they looted three phones, an expensive suitcase and many other things along with it.

Now the miscreants have been punished

However, later on the basis of CCTV, the police caught those miscreants. Then he was produced in the court, where the judge convicted him. One of them, named Romario Henry (romero henry), he has been sentenced to 15 years in jail on 7th February i.e. today. Apart from this, his accomplice has also been sentenced to 12 years in jail, while two other miscreants involved in the robbery have not been caught yet, but their search is on.

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Well, these miscreants were punished, but they had threatened the Mark couple so much that they were forced to sell the house and shift to another place.

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