Financial crisis in the world: The Federal Reserve itself is about to push its banking system into crisis, the banking crisis ha


Financial crisis in the world: There is a possibility of the world drowning in financial crisis again. To curb hyperinflation, the US began to rapidly increase interest rates in the short term. This banking crisis has now begun to spread to countries in Europe, with the Federal Reserve determined to put its own banking system in jeopardy. The adverse effects of sharp increase in interest rates by the central banks of most countries of the world are coming to the fore.

Credit Suisse, the Swiss giant, is now in trouble as global investors, funds have started pulling back investments in the banking sector to reduce risk and there is a regulatory clampdown. Banking shares were broadly closed in European markets today as global investors refrained from making fresh investments in Credit Suisse. As a result, trading in many banking stocks was forced to cease.

Financial crisis in the world: After the collapse of Credit Suisse, more than $60 billion was wiped out in Europe’s banks today. The chairman of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, the largest international investor in Swiss giant Credit Suisse Group, said he would not make new investments, and Credit Suisse’s stock began to diverge.

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