First pilot met then Gehlot, now why is Rahul Gandhi coming to Delhi late at night?

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New Delhi

MP Rahul Gandhi is coming to Delhi late tonight amidst the ruckus over the post of Congress President. Party sources have given this information. It is being told that Rahul’s return to Delhi is a part of his India Jodo Yatra. Here he will start this journey again from September 24 after a day’s rest. Earlier today, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot had met Rahul in Kochi. At the same time, Sachin Pilot has also met Rahul Gandhi. In such a situation, the market of speculation has become hot due to Rahul coming to Delhi late at night. However, Rahul has already made it clear that he will not nominate for the post of president.

What is the reason for Rahul Gandhi coming to Delhi
Congress sources informed that MP Rahul Gandhi is coming back to Delhi tonight. Here he will rest for a day under the India Jodo Yatra. Sources further said that after a day’s halt, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi will resume the Bharat Jodo Yatra from September 24. Rahul’s coming to Delhi is considered very important for the election of Congress President.

Gehlot met Rahul in Kochi
Before the news of Rahul’s arrival in Delhi, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot also met Rahul Gandhi. This meeting of both took place on this day in Kochi. It is told that the meeting of both the leaders lasted for about 2 hours. Ashok Gehlot had reached Kochi only in the afternoon to meet Rahul. He also participated in the Bharat Jodo Yatra with Rahul Gandhi. Earlier, Gehlot had met Sonia Gandhi a day earlier at 10 Janpath residence in Delhi. However, he had made it clear that he would file his nomination for the president’s post only after Rahul Gandhi refused. Let us tell you that Sachin Pilot also met Rahul Gandhi recently.

These names appeared for the post of Congress President
After Rahul Gandhi’s refusal, 3 names are being discussed in Congress. After Shashi Tharoor and Ashok Gehlot, now MP Manish Tewari has also made up his mind to enter the fray. Incidentally, he was also reported to have come to Delhi, after which he would take a final decision after consulting his supporters. Meanwhile, there is talk of Tezzbuzz’s strong Congress leader Digvijay Singh also filing nomination for the post of Congress President. However, Diggi Raja has asked to wait till 30 September.

One person will execute one post
Rahul Gandhi has emphasized today that the system of one person, one post fixed in Udaipur Chintan Shivir will be fully implemented. This latest remark by the former Congress president has raised the possibility that Gehlot may have to step down as the chief minister if he is elected as the Congress president, although there is still uncertainty about whether Sachin Pilot will be the chief minister or Gehlot’s choice if he leaves. Only any leader of the state will handle this responsibility. Rahul Gandhi has already indicated that he will stay away from this election.

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