Five Healthy Tips For Eid Celebrations Among Corona, Know Here!


The Muslim community is busy preparing for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. In Saudi Arabia, on the 29th of Ramadan i.e. Tuesday, the moon of Eid could not be seen, so seeing the moon of 30th Ramadan, May 12, Wednesday, the day of the moon will be followed by the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr on the next day, May 13. Like last year, this year will be celebrated by following the Corona rules. In such a situation, along with speaking Eid Mubarak with social distancing, you should also take care of some things while celebrating Eid, so that not only you can be safe and healthy and also control weight.

Don’t eat too much together

There will be a lot of dishes on the occasion of Eid, so how can anyone stop themselves but eating a lot of food together is better that you keep some of the dishes for later and eat a little bit of food throughout the day. With this your design system will also be good.

Stop Eating Sweets Like This

The best way to stop eating sugary oneself is to eat some dry fruits before eating sugary. This will reduce craving for sweet food. Also, dry fruits are also very beneficial for your health.


Drinking water after meals

Some people eat so much in celebrations that there is no place to drink even stomach water. In such a situation, you may have many problems with acidity. Drinking water is especially important to prevent the corona pandemic.

Do not ignore the salad between spicy foods

No matter how spicy you eat in Eid celebrations, you do not have to ignore the vegetables. You have to eat fruits and vegetable salad along with it, not only will you avoid over ingesting but it will also keep you healthy.

A walk after dinner

The habit of going straight to sleep after eating food increases your obesity. Also, your habituation system is also weakened by this habit. Especially after any party or celebration, do a ten minute walk after eating heavy food.


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