Five important and Funny tips&tricks from Google you must know


Whatever your problem is, you go to find a solution on this search engine and most of the times you can find it. Its quality has maintained Google dominance in the technological world for decades. But do you know that Google can be used in a very useful way besides just simple search. Let’s know 5 tips …

Custom search In Google

Five important and Funny tips&tricks from Google you must know

Whenever you search something in Google, its results start to appear towards you. Usually, you see the solution in them, but if you see other search results instead of the exact solution, then do a custom search.

Custom search means that just below the Google search box you will see a link to images, maps, news, shopping, etc., then go to search in the category in which you want to go. Below that, you will see many options.

If you talk about the image then what color do you want in the image, you will easily understand whether you have the right to use that image or not. With this, you can customize all the things that have been uploaded in the last few hours or not. It not only saves time, but you also get better results in a focused way.

Similarly, if you want to search the video, then you will get the option of video.

The more you use custom search, the better results you will see. Even if you have a photo, you can get information related to it by uploading that photo. So keep in mind, Google gives you many options for search and with its help you can get better results, you can get the latest information in custom search.

Single click and spot is the solution

Five important and Funny tips&tricks from Google you must know

You can also call it a smart solution. This means that you will find many things easily in the Google search bar. For example, if you want to know the prognosis of a big mathematical number, then simply type that big number in the Google bar. Then write English equal to the sign next to it and you will get its promotion. See for example: 333553223 = english

Similarly, if you want to convert dollars into rupees, then you will know by writing simple in this search bar, like 78 DOLLAR IN RUPEES.

Similarly, if you enter the formula of calculus in Google’s search bar, then you will get the solution. For this you give with multi number and multi operation symbol, as you write in copy. You will get its solution. For example, as you type 56-34 * 6 + 44, you will get -104 as an answer.

Similarly, if you want to convert a particular word into another language, you can get it by writing directly from there. Like ‘What is your name’ in English … As soon as you write this, you will get the translation of what is your name from Hindi to English.


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Not only this, information about a festival, information about a particular city about the weather, you can easily find it on a single click.

Use fun tricks

Yes! Google not only provides information about work, but it also takes great care of your entertainment. Here you can use many fun tricks, not one.

Just like if you are bored while searching directly, why not try it upside down!

Meaning if you want you to search mirror image, then you can type simple Google Mirror Search of and the search form will show the mirror form of whatever you search with the help of the link found there.

In the same way you can try Google Under Water. Whatever you search in it, you will feel that Google’s result is coming under water. This means that you will enjoy the display in the water.

Apart from this, you can also play all the old games in Google, like Pac-Man Doodle! You just have to search for it. You will see all the old and easy games here. Even if the internet does not run, a dinosaur icon comes in front of you and with its help you can play the game.Five important and Funny tips&tricks from Google you must know

You can search all such fun activities with the help of Google.

Technical Support in single click in Google

Yes! Google is very useful not only for the general public, but also for those who work in the computer world. Suppose you are an SEO expert, or you run a blog, or you create videos for YouTube, then you must know the import of the keyword.

So whenever you do a search in Google, a lot of auto automation comes. This auto optimization is related to your keywords, which are searched all over the world. So why not consider these auto-decoration for your next article, an adaptation for your next video!

Similarly, if you want to find another website like a website, then you have to write a related column and then that particular website like Related: and all other websites like that, many times we will come to the internet. Find and Google can help you a lot in this matter.

Find my device is very useful

If you use an Android phone, then just ask Google to find


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