Follow these home remedies to get relief from headache


Nowadays fatigue, working long hours on computer screen or using phone causes headache. Sometimes the headache becomes so severe that it becomes difficult to tolerate. People take medicines to get rid of headache, which is harmful to health. To get rid of headache, instead of medicine, you can use home remedies to get relief from this problem.

cause of headache

Usually the problem of headache is due to lack of sleep, toothache, fatigue, taking wrong medicines, weak eyes. Apart from this, anxiety, stress, flatulence, irregular lifestyle, eating habits etc. are common causes of headache. Changing weather can also be a reason for headache. If the problem of headache is not treated at the right time, it can also lead to serious diseases like migraine and brain tumor.

Follow these tips to get relief from headache

oil massage

In case of headache, massage the scalp well by applying oil. Massage gives relief in headache. Use clove oil instead of normal oil for massage. Cloves have pain-relieving properties, which reduce headache.

drink lemon tea

In case of headache, you can make and drink lemon tea. This can give you a lot of relief from headache.


Sometimes headache also occurs due to lack of water in the body. In such a situation, do not let there be a shortage of water in the body. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water throughout the day. Include coconut water and juice also in the routine.

use of green tea

We all drink tea when there is a problem of headache, but in this case drinking green tea is most beneficial. The anti-oxidants present in it are helpful in reducing pain.


Consuming ginger helps to get rid of the problem of headache and migraine. If you want, you can make ginger tea and drink it. Apart from this, make a paste by mixing two spoons of ginger powder with a little water and apply this paste on the forehead. Headache will be cured in a while.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is a medicine. It is also used for stomach pain. It is also very beneficial in relieving headache. Therefore, mix one spoon of vinegar in warm water and drink it and lie down for some time. This will reduce headache.

clove oil

Massaging with clove oil is also beneficial when the headache is severe. If clove oil is not available then clove smoke can also be taken. This will also give relief in pain.

drink lemon mixed with water

Mixing lemon in warm water and drinking it provides relief from headache. So take a glass of warm water, add lemon juice to it. Mix both the things well and consume this water. This will give you relief from headache. If you get headache due to formation of gas, then this remedy is very good for that too.

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