Follow These Home Remedies To Remove Freckles, Know Here!


Pigmentation is also called freckle. Being comfortable with your skin is a big part of feeling beautiful. When you are faced with pigmentation, sometimes it also affects your self-esteem and self-confidence. Many women use color correctors, concealers and lots of creams or foundations to cover their uneven skin tone and while pigmentation can be easily overcome. No one ever needs to hide their face. Here we are telling you such easy steps, by which you can regain the color of your skin.

Adopt these home remedies

To remove facial burns, you should take half a lemon and half a teaspoon of turmeric and two spoons of gram flour. Now mix these things together and make a paste. Now apply this mixture on the face three or four times. This will eliminate freckles.

– Rubbing fresh lemon on the face also ends freckles. Cut fresh lemon and apply it on the face in the morning and evening.


– The apple pulp should be rubbed on the face along with eating apple, it removes freckles.

– Due to lack of sleep at night, there are freckles on the face, which should be washed thoroughly before going to sleep at night to remove it.

– Grind three or four almonds in a spoonful of cream and make a mixture of both. After that, apply this mixture on the face and go to sleep after massaging with light hands. Wake up in the morning and wash this paste with gram flour. Applying this paste for 2-3 weeks eliminates freckles.

– Drink a glass of carrot juice in a day without adding salt-pepper. This will not only make the face ruddy, but will also eliminate the freckles.


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