Food also affects the pollution of the mind


The mind has a very close relationship with the body. In reality, our senses do all kinds of work, but in reality it is the mind that operates them, that’s why the effect of mental thoughts always remains on the body.

Our food is also not untouched by this. It has been said in health texts that the kind of food a man eats, the same effect falls on his mind. From this point of view, description of Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik food is given in detail. For this reason, this saying has been said that ‘the mind becomes like the food one eats’.

There is another aspect to this principle as well. Just as food has an effect on the mind, in the same way the thoughts and condition of the mind also have an effect on the food. It is advised to remain calm and happy while eating, it means that the food eaten in the state of any kind of excitement, passion, anger or mental agitation is not digested properly and it also gives proper benefits to the body. does not happen. Many a times, the food eaten in the condition of special stimuli causes direct harm to the body.

As soon as the feelings of sexuality arise, the heat of the body increases. Breathing becomes hot, skin temperature and blood circulation increase. Due to the burning of this heat, some metals start melting and some start burning. Food eaten at such times causes indigestion, impure blood and gives rise to indiscretion.

Food eaten in an angry state also has a very harmful effect on the body. Scientists in New York took a few drops of the blood of an angry man and injected it into the rabbit’s body for the test. The result was that after twenty-two minutes the rabbit started biting the men. After an hour, he himself died by stomping his feet.

The toxic sugar produced due to anger makes the blood extremely impure. Due to this impurity, the face turns red and the whole body turns pale. The digestive power deteriorates, the nerves pull and the outbreak of heat increases. Food eaten in an angry state proves to be harmful for the body. In this condition, instead of digestive juices, toxic acids start being produced. These acids mix with the food and create distortion in the components of the body.

Ayurvedic medicine is to drink a glass of cold water at the time of anger. This calms the increased heat of the brain and body. According to a scholar, it is better to get up from the place where anger comes or to engage in some other work. This changes the direction of the mind and the inclination of the mind becomes on the other side. Eating after some time in a calm state of mind is beneficial for health.

As a result of eating food in the mood of greed, the process of depositing in the body starts increasing and the process of discarding starts decreasing. It has an immediate effect on the stomach. There is an obstruction in the clearing of loose motions. Stomach feels full. At the time of defecation, the muscles of the intestines follow the orders of their operator i.e. the lethargic mind.

In this state, the muscles are very stingy in sacrifice. As a result, the faeces which are in excessive quantity, only come out, the rest remains in the stomach as it is and produces poisons by rotting. The poison of the stomach mixes with the blood and becomes the home of innumerable diseases. Heart palpitations, headache, lack of sleep and arthritis are often caused by this type of contaminated disorder.

The disorder of fear also has a very fatal effect on the body. Human body is the most strong and powerful. If the feelings of fear enter in it, then it does not take long for the body to be destroyed. In the state of fear, the process inside our body gets obstructed. The work of the senses stops. It exerts its effect on the flow of blood veins, the function of the seminal vesicles and the functions of the stomach. Due to this, the heart rate becomes faster, it starts beating loudly, the blood pressure increases, the digestion process stops and the sugar starts getting released from the muscles through the liver.

Food eaten in the state of fear makes the body and mind weak and prone to diseases. It is generally seen that mothers show mental fear like snatching food or black ghost coming to feed the children. This way of feeding children should definitely be changed.

This type of mental state can cause even a good substance to have a bad effect. The person who sees evil in every substance, he gets the result in the same way, so whatever normal food is available according to his circumstances or time, he should accept it happily and considering it to be beneficial for the body and mind.

By thinking seriously on some subject while eating food or running the mind on some important problem, the blood of the body starts going more towards the brain and due to its deficiency in the digestive system, weakness comes. Due to this, there is hindrance in the digestion process and the food gets digested late or incompletely. For this reason, it has been ordered in health books to eat food in solitude and with a concentrated mind.
– Anand Kumar Anant

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