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Rishi Kapoor Book Khullam Khulla: In his book Khullam Khulla, which came out in the year 2017, Rishi Kapoor has written about many things related to his life. In this book, he has also mentioned about his father Raj Kapoor’s affair with many actresses.

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Mumbai: Bollywood was one of the veteran and best actors of Rishi Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) made his debut in the film world with the film Mera Naam Joker in the year 1970, after which he played a lot of magic on people with his acting. He gave Hindi cinema many hits and brilliant films like Bobby, Laila Majnu and Preg Rog. Today even though he is not in this world, but he is remembered for his contribution in the film world.

Along with brilliant acting, Rishi Kapoor was known for one more thing. That was his outspokenness. Rishi Kapoor was a very outspoken person. He was known for presenting his views openly. At the same time, in his book Khullam-Khulla, he spoke openly on many aspects related to his life. This book came in the year 2017, in which he also mentioned the love affairs of his father Raj Kapoor.

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Mention of affair with Nargis

Raj Kapoor married Krishna in the year 1946. However, even after marriage, he had affairs with other actresses, about which Rishi Kapoor has also told in his book. If Raj Kapoor’s love story was discussed with anyone the most, it was actress Nargis. While mentioning this in his book, Rishi Kapoor wrote that he was very young at that time, so it did not affect him much.

Mention of affair with Vyjayanthimala as well

In his book, Rishi Kapoor has also mentioned Raj Kapoor’s affair with Vyjayanthimala. It has been said in the book that there are many bad memories during that time. His mother had left home and started living in a hotel. After that he and his mother also lived in a house in Chitrakoot for two months. Rishi Kapoor told that his father had made all kinds of efforts to persuade his mother. An apartment was also bought for him. However, his mother did not agree until Raj Kapoor stopped all this.

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