Freeze beauty blender to make makeup last longer, it will also improve your face


Beauty blenders have become a part of everyone’s makeup kit these days. Earlier, where fingers or brushes were used for makeup, now beauty blenders are becoming very popular. Since beauty blenders are easily available in the market in different sizes and shapes, with the help of this you can easily apply makeup on your face and neck area. One advantage of using a beauty blender is that it doesn’t leave a lot of makeup on the face. It is recommended to clean the beauty blender thoroughly before use, but if you freeze it and apply makeup on your face, you get many additional benefits.

Cooling down the beauty blender helps you to tighten pores. Actually, when you freeze it, due to its temperature, the pores of the face become tight and you can get a smooth look. Due to the tightening of pores, oil production on your skin also decreases and fine lines and wrinkles are also less visible on your skin.

It is very important to blend the makeup properly to get a smooth look. Freezing a Beautyblender is definitely considered too cool. When you take the Beauty Blender out of the freezer, it will be slightly damp, making it easier to blend makeup. Not only this, the temperature of the beauty blender also helps reduce puffiness when you apply foundation, color corrector or concealer.

Making makeup last long after applying it is definitely a tough task. But when you freeze the beauty blender and then apply makeup with it, it makes your makeup last longer. This happens because the pores become tight with the cold beauty blender and the oil does not get applied on the face quickly. That’s why makeup lasts longer. Along with this, using beauty blender in this way also brings glow on the face.

While applying makeup, we first apply ice on the face and then wet the sponge to blend the concealer or foundation. But if you keep the beauty blender in the freezer for a while, it will definitely save you time. In fact, by using a cold beauty blender, there will be no need to use ice and it will also take less time. But always remember to clean and freeze the beauty blender thoroughly after use.

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