Fruit and vegetable juice is the perfect medicine for many diseases

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Nature has given us many such vegetables and fruits, whose continuous use of juice gives us freedom from incurable diseases like cancer, leprosy, provided we consume them in consultation with experts. Everyone can stay healthy with seasonal fruit and vegetable juices.
Amla juice
Vitamin C is found the most in Amla. Fresh gooseberry juice is useful in all urinary complaints. Drinking fresh juice of gooseberry for two to three months is beneficial in chronic weakness. This juice is also beneficial in increasing eyesight, removing deafness. Along with this, gooseberry juice is also very beneficial in reducing acidity, arthritis, preventing the growth of white hair, blood disorders, jaundice, and heart diseases.
Beet juice
A special element called ‘Bitin’ found in beetroot destroys the nature of tumor and cancer from the body. This element increases the ability of the body to fight diseases. That is why in case of anemia, drinking its juice thrice a day in the amount of one cup is beneficial. Drinking a cup of beetroot juice is beneficial to remove kidney related diseases. It also benefits in brain heat.
carrot juice
Vitamin A is found in abundance in carrots. That is why carrot juice is very beneficial for the eyes. Taking two kg of carrot juice one cup at a time several times a day cures cancer in the primary stage. Heat four drops juice of carrot leaves and put it in ear and nose, it ends headache. This juice is also beneficial for low blood pressure diseases.
tinde juice
Consuming tinda juice for high blood pressure diseases keeps blood pressure normal.
green vegetable juice
Apart from iron in vegetables like Bathuva, Spinach, Fenugreek, Cholai, Radish etc., it is good to use raw for calcium. The juice is extracted by grinding it in a mixer with some water. The juice of radish is very beneficial in jaundice, the juice of bath with stones, the juice of spinach, bile and the juice of fenugreek in dysentery. Stomach related diseases are also cured by the above juices.
tomato juice
Taking 20 grams juice of ripe tomatoes with fresh and lukewarm water in the morning and evening is beneficial in boils, pimple, and itching etc. By taking this juice, the amount of sugar in the urine of a diabetic patient becomes normal. Fever is cured by taking its juice in fever. Mixing tomato juice with water and gargling with mouth ulcers and bleeding gums cures mouth ulcers and stops bleeding gums.
cauliflower juice
Eating cooked cauliflower leaves ends bloody piles. Redness of the eyes is cured by applying its leaves on the eyes. If the throat is sore, then boiling its leaves and stalks in water and gargling it cures the throat.
onion juice
Mix equal amount of water in one teaspoon of onion juice and give it to small children thrice a day, it kills stomach worms. Mixing fifty grams of sugar candy in twenty grams of onion juice and taking it in the morning for twenty days, the stone dissolves. Putting two drops of onion juice in the ear ends deafness. In jaundice, mixing ten grams juice of white onion, five grams turmeric, ten grams jaggery and feeding it twice a day is beneficial.
Apple juice
Vitamin ‘B’, phosphorus and iron are found more in apples. Its juice is beneficial in stomach diseases. It is very beneficial in fever, anorexia, indigestion, heart and stomach diseases.
– Durga Prasad Shukla ‘Azad’

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