Gave bread for two times and did not give anything… After divorce, the wife reached the court, the husband will now give 1


It is said that a live elephant is worth lakhs and a dead one is worth 1.25 lakhs. This saying is proving true on the woman who, for 25 years in her husband’s house, kept managing the house-to-household in the husband’s house. Gave birth to children and raised them. But the woman never got any compensation or price for it. When the woman took divorce from her husband, she filed a case in the court.

The case is that, after living in her husband’s house for 25 years, she did all the work of his household in a jiffy. After giving birth to her husband, brought up her children by bringing them up, by educating them. Compensation should also be provided for all this. Interestingly, the court justified the demand of the woman and gave its verdict. Hearing that decision, the woman got lifetime happiness and a huge amount of money in her treasury. Husband who gives divorce but will become ‘pauper’!

The woman put her side in front of the court

This is the story of throwing the happiness of a family into the abyss of sourness in husband-wife relationship due to non-availability of ideas, across the seven seas of Malaga, Spain. Wife’s name is 48 years old Ivana Moral (Ivana Moral Malaga Spain). Ivana filed a divorce and compensation case against her husband in the Velez-Malaga court. The victim’s wife claimed that, “I have spent 25 years of married life with my husband in his house. In those 25 precious and golden years of her life, she took care of her husband’s house. Worked as an unpaid labourer. In return for which the husband did not even give a dhela.

He further said, “In these 25 years, I brought up two daughters born to my husband. Instead of doing all this, she spent 25 years with her husband in his house in the same condition as a daily wage laborer. Those 25 years would not be wrong if I say in a way that financially distressed, useless and dependent people became home for life.

Bread for two times to eat, and a roof to live

In the case filed in the court, the woman said, “I spent 25 years with my husband in his house with my hands and legs tied. During these 25 years, not only my future remained in darkness. But I always depended on someone else (now divorced husband) for everything. Even after all this, I managed the house like an unpaid servant, served my husband. Gave birth to two daughters each and brought them up. Without any mistake. In these 25 years, in exchange for this hard work with honesty, the husband provided bread for only two times and a roof to live on.

The court said – pay 1 lakh 80 thousand pounds

This surprising family and divorce case was heard in the Velez-Málaga court. Judge Laura Ruiz Alaminos, after listening to both the sides, also pronounced the verdict. Accordingly, the court accepted most of the demands of the woman as justified. After this, the court ordered the husband to pay an amount of 1 lakh 80 thousand pounds (17.9 crore rupees) to the woman in lump sum. Which will be the compensation of 25 years spent by her after marriage with her husband.

Apart from this, the husband will give 444 pounds of monthly expenses to the separated 48-year-old divorced wife every month as a pension. In addition, the father will also pay 356 and 533 pounds respectively every month for the expenses of his two daughters (one 20 years old and the other 14 years old) living with the mother.

Presented himself before the court as very weak

According to the news of Mirror, in fact the woman was able to prove her side very weak in front of the court. She argued in court that she was seeking compensation and monthly alimony from the same ex-husband, who had never failed to pay her a single pound while living under the same roof. While the husband had got the wife to sign different legal documents at the time of marriage in 1995, that the wife would never have any legal right in the husband’s property.

Speaking to Cadena Ser Radio, the divorced woman said, “My husband always kept me in the house like a bonded laborer.” According to the case presented in the court, while on the other hand, the woman left no stone unturned to make her husband economically and socially prosperous in these 25 years. The woman gave her husband a business worth millions of pounds. While the husband kept spending his and his wife’s earnings only and only on his own comfort.

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