Girl reduced 200 kg weight! You will be stunned to see the transformation of the girl – Look News India,Times of India



Gaining weight is not a big art but reducing the extra weight is a big challenge. People try different methods to lose weight. But only those who have dedication and self-control are successful in losing weight. But have you ever heard of someone losing 200 kilos? Christina Phillips, one of the world’s fattest people with a weight of 282 kg, has presented a unique example to the world by reducing her weight by 200 kg.

At the age of 20, Christina’s weight was 282 kg. Then he had a surgery. Meanwhile, the doctor asks her to lose weight as soon as possible, else she fears getting unwanted physical illness. Christina’s physical and mental health was deteriorating day by day. Christina said that she is facing this problem of overweight because of the wrong diet given by her mother and husband. However, after the advice of the doctor, Christina decided to reduce the weight.

Christina lost more than 200 kilos and today she weighs only 83 kilos and she is trying to reduce this weight further. She is working hard for this. The heaviest girl in the world is now beautiful and healthy. Christina’s persistence has been widely appreciated by doctors around the world.

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