Girlfriend caught his boyfriend with another woman see what happen next | Boy spent quality time with middle aged woman for gir


A shocking love story is in news these days..where a woman deliberately married a man who went on a date with another woman while in a relationship with her.

unique love story

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It is said that a person should never lose love and trust because love does not happen to everyone and Confidence It doesn’t happen to everyone..! The feeling of love is very special in this world, but everyone luck I don’t have full love written in it. Cheated in love and its pain is never forgotten by a person. It is said that love does not give as much happiness as a broken heart gives. But what if the boyfriend spends quality time with someone else in front of his girlfriend but still marries her?

According to media reports, the woman’s name is Gabrielle Dokianos.. She shared a video on Tik-Tok. Where he told that he deliberately married a man who went on a date with another woman while in a relationship with him.

Dated for money

In the video going viral on Tik-Tok, the woman is telling that I and my husband Robert used to work in a bar… often when our shift was over, we used to have dinner together in the garden, but one day it happened that After the end of the shift, Robert was accompanied by a woman who looked much older than him and he was having fun chatting with her. During this, both had a lot of drinks and then had dinner. During this, the woman was trying to get close to Robert. Seeing both of them close to each other in this way, Gabriel was very angry, but in a gesture, Robert asked Gabriel not to say anything, so that he could enjoy the free party.

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Gabriel told that both of them told about 30-40 minutes together and it was a very uncomfortable time and after that when Robert came to me he brought me a gift and when I got angry with him he told that he was just Wanted to eat and drink for free and wanted to get some money so that he could buy something for him.

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