Girls here selling their bodies for 22 rupees , Very Shocking reason !!

Shocking news is coming from a country where girls are bargaining for their body for just 22 rupees, while sometimes they are getting 70 to 80 rupees even if there are some good conditions. Angola is the name of the country we are talking about. In fact, many parts of the African continent are currently starving. World Vision, an organization that helps people, has said in its report that in order to save their lives from hunger in Africa’s Angola, a 12-year-old girl is doing a prostitution for 30 rupees.

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Girls here selling their bodies for 22 rupees , Very Shocking reason !!

World Vision says that their staff themselves have seen that there has been a big increase in the number of female traffickers in Angola and Zimbabwe. Due to this the risk of child marriage has also increased there. According to the report, in the last one year the prices of food grains have doubled in Zimbabwe, due to which the poor people are unable to buy food grains. Due to the changing climate after 1981, this time the crop was also very low and now people have filled the godowns of grain, which they are selling at high prices. Now the next crop is expected after June. The UN also said in its report that four and a half million people in South Africa are facing hunger problems. Due to which body trade is also increasing there and drought, flood and economic conditions are responsible for this situation there.

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