Gold became expensive again before the new year, now you will have to pay so much for 10 grams of gold.


Silver has seen a decline in the last few days which has reached close to 70,000. Silver prices declined for the second consecutive day on Thursday. After the record sales on Diwali, the prices of gold and silver are seeing a boom. This is the reason why both the precious metals have seen a record rise in the last two months. The prices are likely to increase further in the near future after the increase in Covid cases. Actually, even in the first wave of Covid, people had invested in gold as a safe investment.

Silver on MCX Rs. 113 was deducted
On Thursday, both gold and prices saw a decline on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). However, in the bullion market, there was a rise in gold and a decline in silver. At 1 pm on Thursday, the gold price was Rs 70 on the Multi-Commodity Exchange. 41 below Rs. Silver Rs 54720 per 10 grams and Silver Rs 54720 per 10 grams. 113 down from Rs. 68900 per kg. At the beginning of the session, silver was Rs 100. 69013 per kg and gold at Rs. It was closed at 54761. In August 2020, gold had set a record of Rs 56,200.

There was a boom in the bullion market

The bullion market saw a rise in gold and a fall in silver on Thursday. According to the prices released by the India Bullion Association, 24-carat gold rose by Rs 78 to Rs 54,649 per 10 grams. Silver prices saw a decline and it came down to Rs 67,660 per kg. Earlier in the day, silver was Rs 67,848 per kg. On Thursday, the price of 23 carat gold rose to Rs 54,430 per 10 grams, 22 carat to Rs 50,059 per 10 grams and 18 carat to Rs 40,987 per 10 grams.

In November and December itself, the price of gold per 10 grams had increased by Rs 10. 5,000 and silver costs Rs. 10,000 per kg. Experts are predicting a further increase in the prices of both in the near future. Prices may increase in the new year as well.

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