Good news for Facebook users, now they can create FB reels of up to 90 seconds, these new features also launched


Tech News Desk – Meta-owned social media company Facebook has released a new feature for users. The company has launched new Creative Expression features. With the help of this feature, users will now be able to upload FB reels of up to 90 seconds on Facebook. Let us tell you that earlier there was a limit of uploading only 60 seconds reel on Facebook. Plus, creators can now easily create “ready-made” reels from their memory, similar to Instagram.

facebook will work like instagram
The company made the announcement via its “Meta for Creators” account on Facebook. The company said that now Facebook users will be able to upload videos of up to 90 seconds in FB reels, which was earlier limited to only 60 seconds. The company said that creators can now easily create ‘ready-made’ reels from their ‘memory’, just like they can on Instagram. The company also introduced a new “grooves” feature that automatically aligns and syncs the tempo with the beat of the song in users’ videos. With the new “Templates” tool, users can easily create reels with trending templates. Let us tell you that this feature is already available for Meta’s photo-video platform Instagram. Now Facebook users can also use them.

working on meta machine learning models
Let us tell you that only last month Meta announced that the company is working on a machine learning model to advertise to reel creators. Facebook is updating ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ To provide more transparency about how this model is being used. With its help, the company is going to take help in distribution and selection of advertisements. The company said the tool will explain how your activity on our technologies can inform the machine learning models we use to shape and deliver the ads you see.

How to make Facebook Reel?
Like Instagram, reels can also be created on Facebook. For this, users have to open the Facebook app on their device. Now on the app you get options like Rooms, Groups and Live Sections. On the front, you will see Reel written. Click on Reel and create a video using your device’s camera. You can also add already made videos from storage or gallery. Now add music to the video by clicking on the music icon and share it by writing a description. For information, let us tell you that the reels you upload on Facebook, you can also save and download them in the gallery.

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