Good news for PUBG fans, old player ID will be transferred

The launch of PUBG Mobile India has been announced. However, its launch date is still awaited. After being banned in India in September, PUBG Corporation is now fully ready to bring this Battle Royal game back to the country. PUBG Mobile India has been receiving frequent updates since the launch announcement. Now another good news has come for the fans.

According to reports, the developers have confirmed that PUBG Mobile India will be different from the global version of the game. However, the player ID (PUBG Mobile player ID) will be retained. The developers have said that the Player ID can be transferred from the global version of PUBG Mobile to the Indian version.

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This indicates that the players of PUBG Mobile India will not have to start from the beginning. This means players will also be able to get their old rewards in Indian versions like their Rewards, Achievements, Frames, PUBG Mobile India UC, Tier Resets, Skins and 2-2 Renew Cards.

The report quoted the developers as saying that in the event of a 10-year ban, the IDs of PUBG Mobile players will not be migrated to the Indian version. In this case, players will have to create a new ID and start the game from the beginning. However, this is just a guess. It is being said that the theme of PUBG Mobile India will be very similar to the global version.

Pre-registration of PUBG Mobile India has started. The developers have also revealed some gameplay. This game is specially designed for the Indian market. The new game will come with Indian-specific features, including no bloodshed and other changes including a fully dressed character.

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