Good news for VI users..!, Now you will get so much in annual plan of Rs 2595, Know what are the benefits


Good news for VI (Vodafone Idea) users, the company has updated its annual plan of 2595 rupees. The company is now giving a free subscription to the streaming platform to customers in its annual plan. The company is offering an annual subscription of Disney + Hotstar VIP for free with this annual plan, which means that customers will get a benefit of Rs 399 on this plan.

The company is offering a Zee5 subscription-free to its customers with its annual plan of Rs 2399. So let us tell you in detail about the revision of the annual plan of VI.

VI gives 365 days validity in its Rs 2599 plan, earlier this plan used to get 2GB of data daily, but now only 1.5GB of data will be available daily on this plan. In this plan, the company also gives you the facility of unlimited calls and SMS.

Get nighttime data


Customers get unlimited high-speed nighttime data with a weekend plan rollover facility with this plan. Apart from VI movies and TV, the company is also giving Disney + Hotstar subscription for free to its customers with this plan.

Get 1.5 GB of data per day

The company has also revised its second annual plan. With the plan of Rs 2399, you get 1.5GB of data daily as well as unlimited calling and SMS. In this annual plan, the company is also giving Disney + Hotstar subscription along with VI movies and TV to its customers for free.

Apart from this, another annual plan of the company is 1499 rupees, in which the company gives 24GB of data. This plan is good for those customers who want to keep their SIM active.

Along with this, Global Internet and Broadband Testing Application Ookla has declared GIGAnet of VI as India’s fastest 4G network for the third consecutive quarter. This calculation is based on the average mobile download data of 16 states of India based on Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence data.


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