Goods news now everyone will be able to use WhatsApp payment service, Know how


WhatsApp Payments service was launched in India in November 2020. It was rolled out to most users in June 2021. Now, the payment service has been made available on the WhatsApp mobile app for all users in India. Users will see a payment notification above the list of chats in the mobile app. Ongoing to the list of options that opens on clicking on More (3 dots) in the upper right corner of the app, the user will also see the WhatsApp payment service.

WhatsApp Payments is a UPI-based service under a separate WhatsApp India Payments Privacy Policy. WhatsApp commits that UPI-enabled payments are completely secure and in full compliance with the data localization guidelines of India. It states that WhatsApp UPI transaction data is encrypted and resides only in India as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. According to the WhatsApp Payments FAQ, Facebook does not have access to payment data in a “clear format”.

WhatsApp India closely monitors the required permits and “may share UPI transaction data subject to regulatory approvals for certain exceptions to prevent the illegal use of WhatsApp Payments permits following applicable laws and regulations.” For payment service, WhatsApp does not capture or store the UPI PIN of any user, which is permitted in the UPI guidelines issued by NPCI. It “does not store customer’s payment sensitive details such as one-time password (OTP), full account number or any debit card details.”

How to activate and use WhatsApp Payments?

To activate the WhatsApp Payments service on your phone, go to the notification on the mobile app. Alternatively, you can receive payment through more options (3 dots). Users will need to verify their active account details with an Indian bank that supports UPI. To link the account, the primary mobile number must match with the WhatsApp mobile number for registration.


After adding their bank accounts to WhatsApp, users can send or receive money. Users will have to accept the payment terms and privacy policy. You have to permit to verify through SMS. Only banks supported by WhatsApp UPI will be listed. Select your bank to add from the list of given bank accounts.

How to receive money when the account is not linked in WhatsApp-

Tap on Accept Payment.
On the Payment Terms and Policy page, tap Accept and Continue.
Tap Verify via SMS.
The service will list all the bank accounts linked to your WhatsApp mobile number.
Select the account to add.
Now tap on ‘Done
To send money, users need to verify the last 6 digits of the debit card along with the expiry date:

Open the chat from which you want to transact.

Tap Attach and select Payment.
Verify the last 6 digits of your debit card number and the expiry date. Then select Set up UPI PIN.
Now enter a one-time password (OTP).
Create and enter your UPI PIN. Tap on Setup UPI PIN and submit.
After UPI setup, tap on ‘Done and now you can make payment through attach option in different chats. Users can be asked for UPI PIN before sending money through WhatsApp. Money can be sent only to those accounts in which payment service is enabled.


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