Google’s big action against personal loan app, removed from Play Store


New Delhi: Google has taken big action against many personal loan apps and removed them from the Google Play Store. Google has taken this action after a complaint received by the user and the government agency against these personal loan apps.

According to Google, this personal loan app was violating the privacy and security of the user. Google has said that it will fully assist the agencies in the local investigation against these personal loan apps. Along with this, Google has said that if such personal loan apps that violate the privacy or security of local law users, they will also be removed from the Play Store.

Google India on Thursday mentioned in a blog post that it will remove any loan app on PlayStore that does not comply with local laws and regulations. The report comes after flagging at least 10 Indian lending apps, which have been downloaded millions of times on Google’s Play Store.


Google said, “We have reviewed hundreds of personal loan apps in India based on reports submitted by users and government agencies. Apps that violated our user security policies were immediately removed from the store and we identified the remaining Asked developers about this. Applications demonstrate that they comply with applicable local laws and regulations.

Susan Frew Product Vice President said, “Failing to do so will remove the app without notice.” In addition, we will continue to assist law enforcement agencies in investigating this issue. “

Four apps 10MinuteLoan, X-Money and Xtra Currency and Steward were removed from the Play Store after Reuters flagged Google for a ban on offering personal loans requiring full repayment in 60 days or less. Were violating. News agency Reuters reported that StuCred was allowed to withdraw on the Google Play Store on January 7 after the January 30 loan offer was removed. According to Reuters, there are at least six other applications available on the PlayStore.

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