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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament House on Sunday, due to which politics has heated up. 21 opposition parties, including the Congress, have decided to boycott the inauguration ceremony. Opposition parties say that the country’s parliament should be inaugurated by President Draupadi Murmu. Now Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given a separate statement saying that what was the need to build a new Parliament House? He said that the government is doing this with the intention of changing history.

What did Bihar Chief Minister Nitish say…

Nitish Kumar said, ‘Even in the beginning there was discussion that this (Parliament House) is going to be built, even then we did not like it. This is history, the thing which started after independence needed to be developed, what is the point of making it separately? Will you change the old history? We do not like that they are building a new Parliament House. They just want to change the old history. There was no need to build a new Parliament House. I am against it. All these people are trying to change history. There is no point in going there. There is no point in going there.

Government wants to change history

On opposition forces opposing the inauguration ceremony, Nitish said, “Other parties are saying they are not going because the President was not invited. Whatever the reason, but we feel there was no need for it. Why was it made separately? Would have fixed the old building, will we forget the history now? You know that whoever is in power today will change the whole history. Change the history of freedom struggle. We were studying in school when Nehruji who was the first Prime Minister died… We believe that the history of the country is very important… What was the need to make a new one… These people are tampering with the whole history. They are doing this with the intention of changing it.

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