Gudi Padwa 2023: “gudi padwa” But home buying is expected to increase by 3%.


Mumbai 16 March. In the country’s financial capital Mumbai, on the occasion of Gudhipadwa, experts have expressed the age of increasing house purchases. This festive season is expected to see a 3 per cent increase in property purchases in Mumbai and suburbs as compared to the last few years.

NAREDCO Neral Karjat offers its customers a wide range of properties, ranging from affordable housing to plots of varying sizes and luxury villas. According to Dinesh Doshi, President, NAREDCO Progressive Neral-Karjat- Real Estate Industry, this time on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, property purchases will definitely see a rise in view of the tremendous festive fervor, which will further increase the desire to buy property in Mumbai 3. Will multiply.

Due to ever-increasing urbanization, it becomes extremely necessary not only to provide affordable houses to the people, but also to provide basic amenities related to it. “Affordable City” is the need of the times, where special focus is given on developing carbon neutral zones with better infrastructure and connectivity to multi-nodal points as per requirement.

NAREDCO Progressive Neral-Karjat President Gautam Thakkar says that all necessary steps are being taken by the authorities to provide necessary infrastructure for the development of this area. Infrastructure, knowledge-based industries and research centers are being developed by the authorities around the Neral-Karjat region. Keeping pace with this, the government has also started several projects related to infrastructure. This is the reason that this time the possibility of buying or investing in property on the occasion of Gudi Padwa is very high.
Gudi Padwa 2023:
Shri Anand Doshi, Hon’ble Secretary, NAREDCO Progressive Neral-Karjat referred to a NAREDCO-Knight Frank report titled “Brick by Brick: Reimagining Affordable Mumbai”. The report, released during the “Manthan – Affordable City” initiative organized by NAREDCO Progressive Neral-Karjat in October 2022, identified a huge demand-supply gap in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) in terms of affordable housing. has been indicated. According to this report, the MMR has witnessed a tremendous growth in demand for affordable housing from 2022 onwards, with 67 per cent demand being recorded for housing units below Rs 25 lakh. The demand for residential units between Rs 25 to 50 lakh has been recorded at 13 per cent and the demand for residential units above Rs 50 lakh has been recorded at 20 per cent.

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