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Whenever the most modern states of the country are discussed, the name of Gujarat is definitely included in it. Gujarat It is identified with Garba, its food and temples. There are more than one places to visit here. The history of Gujarat is very old and people have been living here since ancient times. Due to the presence of sea ports, Gujarat has long been a major route for trade. At the same time, questions about this state located in western India are often asked in government exams.

In such a situation, it becomes important for a candidate preparing for a government job to know the questions related to Gujarat. For example, how did Gujarat get its name? What is the name of the longest river in Gujarat? Let us know the answers to some general knowledge questions like this, which can be asked in the exam.

Question 1: How many assembly seats are there in Gujarat?

answer: There are 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. Its population is 6.27 crores.

Question 2: Which is the largest district of Gujarat?

answer: The largest district of this state of western India is Kutch, which is spread over 45,674 square km.

Question 3: What is the state animal of Gujarat?

answer: The Asiatic lion is the state animal of Gujarat, found in the state’s Gir Forest National Park.

Question 4: Which is the longest river of Gujarat?

answer: The Narmada River is the longest river in Gujarat, with a length of 1,312 km.

Question 5: How many districts are there in Gujarat?

answer: There are 33 districts in Gujarat, of which Kutch is the largest.

Question 6: What is the name of the state tree of Gujarat?

answer: Mango is the state tree of Gujarat.

Question 7: What is the population of which religion in Gujarat?

answer: According to 2011 census figures, Hinduism is the majority religion in Gujarat, with 88.57% of its population. Muslims are on the second number in Gujarat, whose population is 9.67 percent. Christians are on the third number, whose population is 0.52%.

Question 8: When was Gujarat established?

answer: At the time of independence, Gujarat was a part of Bombay State. Gujarat was made a separate state on May 1, 1960, after India got independence.

Question 9: What is the name of the first capital of Gujarat?

answer: Ahmedabad was the first capital of Gujarat.

Question 10: What is the name of the first Chief Minister of Gujarat?

answer: Jivraj Narayan Mehta was the first CM of Gujarat, who held office from 1 May 1960 to 18 September 1963.

Question 11: When did Narendra Modi take oath as the Chief Minister for the first time?

answer: Narendra Modi was sworn in as the first Chief Minister of Gujarat on October 7, 2001.

Question 12: How did Gujarat get its name?

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answer: In the 5th century AD, a tribe named Gurjar came to Gujarat. The state got its name Gujarat from the name of this tribe.

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