Hanoi mega mall catches fire

A fire at the Big C Thang Long Mall in Hanoi, July 10, 2024. Photo by Read/Pham Chieu

A first floor stall at the Big C Thang Long Mall in Hanoi’s Cau Giay District caught fire on Wednesday, sending dozens of people running for their lives.

The fire began at a shoe store on the first floor of the mall at around 11 a.m. Hundreds of employees and customers at the site then ran away upon hearing the fire alarms.

Firefighters were soon dispatched to the scene, and the flames were brought under control in a few minutes. There was no human casualties.

Power was cut at the mall, and all its employees had afternoons off.

An investigation is ongoing,

The Big C Thang Long Mall is one of the largest retail supermarkets in Vietnam, spanning 12,000 square meters. It has an investment cost of $12 million.

The mall had a fire safety drill the day before the fire.

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