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Beijing, Veer Hanuman is very popular in India and this picture of him is seen everywhere in which Hanuman ji rips his chest and shows others that what is present in his heart is Lord Rama. But perhaps very few people will know that Sun Vukhong is a monkey god in China too, he had come to India with Xuan Tsang to learn Buddhist scriptures with a lot of suffering.

What is discussed here is Monkey King Sun Wukhong, the hero of a pilgrimage to the West, a famous ancient novel in China. According to the narration of this novel, Xuan Tsang along with his apprentice Monkey King Sun Wukhong etc. went to the holy mountain of Mahatma Buddha to learn from the scriptures. But Monkey King Sun Wukhong showed his heroism and excellence in his struggle with demons instead of Hwen Tsang en route to the West. On the other hand, while killing the demon, Xuan Tsang’s often foolishness and cowardice proved. In this way the monkey king Sun Wukhong, who was nowhere present in history, became a true hero of the journey of the West.

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The image of the monkey king Sun Wukhong is like that of the monkey god Hanuman. Sun Vukhong is also a monkey god, and he also has a very powerful stick in his hand. Sun Wukhong can instantly cross thousands of rivers and mountains in a moment, and can also take different forms. Due to the wide similarity between Sun Wukhong and Hanuman, China’s famous scholar Chi Shyanlin verified that the prototype of China’s monkey king Sun Wukhong actually came from Hanuman in India through Buddhist legends. Or at least close ties exist between the two. But the novel Pilgrimage to the West is more familiar to the monkey king Sun Wukhong than Hwen Tsang in China, and because of the influence of films and TV series, the Monkey King is well known in Western countries as well.

But no matter what the relationship between Hanuman ji and Monkey King Sun Wukhong is, they have the same essence i.e. their heart shows loyalty, great patience, courage in fighting against the demon, and a pure sense of peace and love. is. That is why, whether it is Hanuman or Monkey King Sun Wukhong, both have been dear to people for a long time.

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