Happiness will come in your home, plant these plants


Plants are considered to be of great importance in our lives, which provide many facilities like food, oxygen. They are also very important in astrology and they are worshipped. Many people plant a garden in their home which enhances the beauty as well as purifies the climate. But do you know that if plants are planted according to Vastu, they work to bring positivity and happiness in your life. That’s why today in this episode we are going to tell you that at what time or place planting trees will be auspicious for you. So let’s know about it.

Planting plants in these auspicious constellations is beneficial

According to Vastu Shastra, if you are going to plant a plant or prepare a garden, then take special care of some constellations for this. It is believed that by doing this, the plants flourish well as well as happiness comes in the house. For this, Swati, Uttara, Hasta, Rohini and Mool Nakshatra are said to be the best. By planting trees in these constellations, the troubles of life gradually reduce. Bad things start getting done.

This Plant plants in the direction, then there will be benefit

According to Vastu Shastra, taking care of the important direction is as important as the time required for planting trees. That’s why whenever you plant trees, keep in mind that never plant them on the left side. Apart from this, never make a garden in eye angle or fire angle. These directions are considered inauspicious. It is believed that the plants planted at these places communicate negativity in life. Due to this, tension, stress and depression increase in the lives of the people living in the house.

Do not plant plants in this direction even by mistake

According to Vastu Shastra, big and huge trees and plants should not be planted in the east direction of the house even by mistake. But if there is already a tree planted which you cannot remove even if you want to. Even then there is no need to worry. You can plant Amla, Harshringar, Tulsi and Amaltas plants in the north direction of the house to reduce its ill effects. It is believed that the fault of the plant planted in the direction before planting them gradually starts reducing.

Plants do not give fruits and flowers, then do this Vastu remedy

According to Vastu Shastra, if the trees and plants planted in the house are not giving fruits and flowers, then you can take measures for this. Because in the house where green plants live, happiness also resides there. Therefore, if trees and plants do not bear fruits and flowers, mix moong, urad, horse gram, sesame and barley in the roots of these plants and put them in water. After this, put this mixture in the roots of trees and plants. Apart from this, if your house or land is contaminated, then plant a gooseberry plant to remove this defect.

Money will rain by planting this thorny plant

As such, it is forbidden to plant a thorny plant in the house. But you will be surprised to know that vine is such a plant which has thorns, yet there are many benefits of planting it. By applying this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi remain on all the members living in the house. Apart from this, chanting and penance done under the Bael tree gives special results. It is said that offering food to Brahmins under this gives 1.25 lakh times merit.

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