Happy 34th birthday to the legendary footballer Messi, Know about his achievements


Today is the birthday of Lionel Messi, one of the world’s greatest footballers. Every child in the whole world is aware of his name. Messi also holds the record for scoring the most goals in La Liga.

Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi is celebrating his 34th birthday today. In the Spanish football league ‘La Liga’, Barcelona captain Messi is counted among the world’s greatest footballers. He achieved the feat of winning the coveted Ballon d’Or trophy at the age of just 22. Messi also holds the record for scoring the most goals in La Liga. He has scored 474 goals in 520 matches for Barcelona in this tournament. Apart from this, he has scored the most hat-trick 36 times in the history of La Liga.

In addition, Messi is also one of the highest-paid players in the world. Messi is at number two in the list of richest players released by Forbes for the year 2021. His total earnings this year was about 9 billion 65 crores ($ 130 million). In this list, Ireland’s legendary mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor is in the first place, while Portugal’s legendary footballer Ronaldo is at the third place in this list.


won Most times Ballon d’Or trophy

This legendary footballer of Barcelona has won the Ballon d’Or trophy six times. This is the most prestigious award given to a player in the game of football. This trophy is given to the best footballer of the year. He first won this coveted trophy in 2009 at the age of just 22. After which he won this title for four consecutive times till 2012. After this, he won this trophy for the fifth time in 2015 and for the sixth time in 2019.

Most titles won for Barcelona

Messi has also won the most 35 titles for his club Barcelona so far. These include 10 La-Liga titles. Apart from this, he has also won the UEFA Champions League title four times and the Copa del Rey trophy six times.


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