Haryana viral video revealed 10 year old girl gang raped by 7 children 6 accused children are between 10 and 12 years old


A video that went viral in Haryana last month revealed that a 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped in Rewari. According to the information, some boys raped a 10-year-old girl in a village school in Haryana’s Rewari district and also made a video of this act from their mobile phones. A 10-year-old girl was gang-raped by 7 children, out of which 6 accused children are only between 10 and 12 years old. Only one of the accused is an adult. 

According to the police, when the incident happened on May 24, the school was closed due to summer vacation, but some children, including the victim, were playing there. Police said that except one, all the other accused are minors. Some of the accused made a video of this act and spread it locally. When this video reached the girl’s father, he lodged a complaint. 

Rewari DSP Hansraj said, “After the video went viral, it came to the notice of the family members yesterday. There were 7 children in total. The children were taken into custody after registering an FIR. An adult boy has been arrested and produced in the court. One boy is yet to be arrested. Looking for the boys who made the video viral.

Deputy SP said, “Yesterday a report of rape was received with a 10-year-old girl in the village. Among the rapists are 10-12 year olds and an adult boy. On 24th of last month, everyone raped together and made a video.


Rewari Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Hansraj said that seven minor boys and an 18-year-old youth were involved in the incident. An official of the Mahila police station said that some accused have been booked for rape and some others have been accused of making videos. The minor boys are 10 to 15 years old.

The DSP said, “The girl did not tell about the incident in the house, but when the video reached her father, she lodged a complaint on Tuesday. We immediately lodged an FIR.” He said that the minors have been sent to the monitoring centre, while the 18-year-old accused has been arrested. According to him, the investigation of the matter is going on.
The DSP said, “The girl was playing in the school premises near her house. The accused took her inside the school and committed the crime.”


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