Don’t go this place, if dont want yourself to be killed


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Friends, today we will tell you about a mysterious place where the knowledge of any person is completely prohibited. A place where people are afraid to go Let’s know.

Aokigahara is located in the foothills of Japan’s Mount Fuji ‘aokigahara’, which is known as ‘sucide forest’. This forest is Japan’s most famous suicide site.

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There have been many incidents of mass suicide in this place. In 2003, 205 dead bodies were removed from this place. Due to these suicides, the forest is consuicideas ghostly.

Apart from this, many incidents of looting in the jungle have also been revealed. But the shocking thing is that till now no one has seen these robbers. There is also a secret of this forest that any kind of modern equipment such as mobile GPS compass etc. does not work here.

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