Have Tooth Cavity ? Remove now with these easy home remedies


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Cavity in teeth can happen to any person at any age. The cavity of teeth means the perforation caused by tooth decay. Due to the formation of acid in the mouth, the enamel of the teeth starts loosening due to which cavity starts in the mouth. Bacteria present in the mouth begin to accumulate in the teeth, which we call plaque. There can be many reasons for cavity, the main reason is to eat more sweet and bacteria in the teeth. If the cavity of the teeth is not filled in time, then whatever you eat will get trapped in the teeth. Due to excessive cavity in the teeth, excessive pain and swelling of the gums are created.

Today we are telling you some home remedies to remove the cavity of teeth

– 1 salt is beneficial –

Salt is very beneficial in the treatment of cavity. Salt is used in the treatment of cavities due to its antiseptic elements. Salt is also helpful in preventing mouth infections and bacteria from growing.

Use salt in this way

– Boil one spoon of salt in hot water and rinse it with this water three to four times a day. Mix salt in mustard oil and lemon and make a paste. Massage your gums with this paste. Doing so will protect against bacteria.

Stay away from these 2 sweet fruits


– Stay away from sweet fruits to avoid cavity. If you eat sweet fruits like grapes or chiku, then there is a possibility of cavity in your teeth. Use less sweet and fiber free fruits.

3.Use turmeric

– Turmeric is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements. Turmeric protects against cavity. Also keeps teeth and gums healthy. Apply turmeric powder in the teeth and leave it for a while. Later, rinse with lukewarm water. Bacterial affected teeth will get relief.

4 Peppermint is natural remedy

– Peppermint is the natural remedy to protect teeth from cavity. Whenever you eat something sweet, immediately chew some mint leaves. Your teeth will be safe.

Have Tooth Cavity ? Remove now with these easy home remedies

5 Garlic is beneficial

– Garlic is very beneficial in protecting teeth from cavity. It relieves pain. Use garlic in this way – take 3-4 buds of garlic and grind it and make a paste by mixing it with water. Put it in the teeth and leave it for a while, it will get relief.f

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